Anxiety Awareness Programme

Anxiety Awareness Programme

Nine Wellbeing offers you an anxiety management programme that takes place over 6 sessions, each lasting 1 hour.  This programme is based upon the model of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy an evidence based therapy approach to anxiety, utilised widely within the NHS). Unlike many NHS services, this programme is offered to you on an individual basis, rather than in a group setting.

When you undertake this programme, you will:

Become Anxiety Aware
Learn about the common physical symptoms of anxiety and why these happen
Discover the role that the brain plays in managing our survival.

Create Connections
Understand the connection that your thoughts have on your body and ultimately your behaviour, keeping you in a vicious cycle of anxiety-laden avoidance.

Break the cycle
Engage in techniques that teach you to manage the physical arousal associated with anxiety
Start to face the situations, people, places that you have been avoiding as a result of feeling anxious.

Live a FULL life again!
By engaging fully in the programme, and undertaking all between session activities, as agreed with your therapist, you will break free from the cycle of anxiety, giving you the confidence to fully live your life again.

Cost of Anxiety Awareness Programme:  £400.
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